Posted on the 22nd of July, 2019

This blog is about KDE Connect, a project to communicate across all your devices. For example, with KDE Connect you can receive your phone notifications on your desktop computer, control music playing on your desktop from your phone, or use your phone as a remote control for your desktop.

From friday the 19th to sunday the 21st, we had the KDE Connect sprint. It's always a nice opportunity to meet the others working on KDE Connect, since we usually only talk to each other online.

Lots of activity at the KDE Connect sprint! (Also some KWin & Onboarding sprinters)

On arrival on friday, we immediately got the first issue to fix: the Wi-Fi at the sprint blocks UDP broadcasts. That means KDE Connect couldn't find any device. Adding the IP-addresses makes it work again, but it's a good reminder to actually improve this situation.

On friday and saturday, we had a lot of discussions about projects to improve KDE Connect architecturally. Those are:

Specifically on bluetooth: it is very hard to make it work on all devices. We're slowly making some progress, though.

Besides that, we worked on lots of smaller features and lots of bugfixes, of course. For example, I changed the Android app to not create a thread for everything single thing we send. This matters a lot for the mousepad plugin, which sends many small packets.

In short, the sprint was great! Thanks SUSE for hosting this sprint!